Remembering Scotland's lost Saxone factory

It was the biggest shoe factory in Scotland - and employed more than 1,000 workers in its prime.

The Saxone plant in Kilmarnock was a major employer until the 1980s with the firm thriving for decades in the town.


1. An army of workers

The Saxone shoe factory in Kilmarnock employed 1,000 workers by the late 1940s with the operation the ultimate expression of the area's shoemaking tradition.

2. A shoe fit for all

Saxone, which also had a network of 180 stores across the UK, made every pair of shoes in five fittings - a key to its success on the high street. The company also pioneered the use of vulcanised rubber soles to help keep feet dry...


3. Honest British workers

Saxone advertised its shoes as being "made of honest British leather by British workers at Kilmarnock" with the company also specialising in a high-fashion range for the European market.


4. A good place to work

The firm was lauded for its good relationship with its employees, who earned annual bonuses on a regular basis.


5. Going the distance

Saxone claimed its shoes would last three times longer than any other brand.


6. The last steps

Saxone's giant brick factory shut in the mid 1980s after it was bought by Sears group. It was later demolished. Within a decade, the company's network of stores had become unprofitable, and also disappeared.


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