Mick Talbot mentions his early Saxone’s.

During an interview with Mick Talbot about The Style Council, he mentions his early Saxone’s.

The band was founded in late 1982 by Paul Weller and initially consisted only of himself and Mick Talbot, who Weller said he chose because "he shares my hatred of the rock myth and the rock culture".


Do you recall the first time you were allowed to buy your own clothes?


I think I do.

I’d saved up for a pair of Chelsea Boots, either from Freeman Hardy & Willis or Saxone, one of those two.

Around the same time I had a pair of loafers from Saxone ..

 ..My Grandad gave me my first Tootal. It was a mustard paisley. What’s great about them is they look equally good on a coal miner or someone going to a ball. They don’t look out of place on the terraces.


Mick Talbot

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