Saxone history

Saxone of Scotland made his first appearance back in 1783, in Kilmarnock, in south-western Scotland.

Founded as a small business by George Clark, it slowly began to grow under George’s son James management.

By the beginning of 1900, all the shoes’ production was concentrated in Kilmarnock and Ayrshire county, and in

1908 the original company joined Abbott company to form Saxone Shoe Company.

As Italian Importers, we started working with Saxone in 1937, as Bennati Import s.r.l., in Genoa, being the first in

Europe to import and sell the original Goodyear Stormwelted Arran loafer.

At the very beginning of the new millennium, Saxone Italy introduced the new Blake Welted line, in order to

develop a new type of sale.

Saxone of Scotland History